Cognitive health solutions for today's digital environment

Clinically-validated solutions

Neurotrack leverages the latest neuroscience and technology to make remote testing accurate and accessible. Learn more about our products:

Cognitive Assessments

Our clinically-validated assessments are designed for professionals to administer for remote testing

We’ve modernized cognitive testing

We use the latest neuroscience and technology to develop digital assessments that reliably and remotely assess one's current cognitive condition.

  • Remote administration
  • Multi-modal data capture
  • Video validation
  • Better user experience
  • Automated scoring

Eye tracking technology

Using the computer's built-in camera, our proprietary eye tracking technology captures robust, multi-modal data to reveal important insights about one's cognition and detect changes early.

Enhance your cognitive testing protocols.

We've designed our cognitive assessments to be convenient and easy to use, so you can administer testing remotely to your customers at-home or in-clinic. All you need is internet access.

  • Remote administration
  • Accessible and scalable
  • Straightforward and easy
  • Automated scoring
  • Repeatable

Cognitive Health Program

Our mobile app is designed for individuals to assess, monitor, and strengthen their cognitive health from the comfort of their own home.

Empower your customers with the tools and resources for better brain health

Neurotrack’s Cognitive Health Program is a unique benefit to offer your customers to help them manage their brain health as they get older. Studies show that individuals can reduce their risk of cognitive decline and even strengthen their cognition through regular monitoring and targeted behavioral change.

Explore the Neurotrack app

Cognitive Assessments

Scores and Explanations

Educational Resources

Coaching (coming soon)

Early detection, early intervention

Did you know cognitive changes can start in the brain 20 years before showing up in everyday life? Through regular monitoring, an individual can detect changes early on and take action to preserve their cognition and reduce the risk of decline. Learn more about the science behind our intervention.

What makes Neurotrack different

Clinically validated

Exams are backed by rigorous scientific research

Web and mobile

Administer exams remotely, in-clinic or at-home

Easy to use

Friendly design, based on countless hours of UX research

Robust data and insights

Multi-modal data capture for longitudinal monitoring

HIPAA compliant

Certified and secure systems to ensure your privacy

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