Building products with patients and providers in mind

Neurotrack leverages the latest neuroscience, technology, and thoughtful product design to make clinically-validated cognitive impairment screening tools. Learn more about our offerings.

Modernizing cognitive testing

Our rapid, digital screening fits seamlessly into primary care workflows, helping healthcare organizations detect cognitive impairment at scale.

  • In-clinic or remote administration
  • Culturally-agnostic and accessible design
  • Better user experience
  • Instant and objective scoring

Empowering individuals with resources for better brain health

Neurotrack offers carefully vetted educational content and personalized coaching to help patients between office visits. Knowledge and support can help patients focus on cognitive wellbeing.

Making early detection and early intervention possible

Did you know cognitive changes can start in the brain 20 years before showing up in everyday life? Regular screening makes early detection and meaningful intervention possible. Learn more about the science behind our products.

What makes Neurotrack different

Clinically validated

Exams are backed by rigorous scientific research

Web and mobile

Administer exams remotely, in-clinic or at-home

Easy to use

Friendly design, based on countless hours of UX research

Robust data and insights

Multi-modal data capture for longitudinal monitoring

HIPAA compliant

Certified and secure systems to ensure your privacy